YouTube SEO: Stupid Simple Trick to Get More Views

This explains how YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Like all search engines, there are certain SEO tactics you can use to help you rank higher. Gives one simple trick that can be used every time you post a video: First step is to create your video on whatever topic you want, that’s the hardest step, next step is to go to YouTube and search for the topic of the video you just created, Look for a video that has a lot of views in the shortest amount of time, when you find the video that you feel is closely related to yours and has a good amount of views in the shortest amount of time click through to that video’s page, identify the keyword tags that the publisher used when they posted the video, find the View Source or View Source Code option, Once you find it, press control+f (cmd+f for Mac) and type “keywords” , go straight up copy & paste those into the keyword tags section when you post your video on YouTube and finally, when you do this  it tells YouTube that your video is closely related to the video you found. It concludes that, if you use this tactic with the right related video, you could find yourself getting thousands of referral views.