YouTube Publishers Can Embed Links to External Websites in Videos

This is indeed good news for all YouTube publishers, embedding links to YouTube videos using the annotations is really a big help. Furthermore, pointing hyperlinks to our own website’s homepage using YouTube’s account or channel can give us traffic to our link. Our target visitors can easily be directed to our page and at the same time they can also navigate it.

Using annotations to our videos can be of great idea and new forthcoming visitors will not be bored with watching the videos that we published on YouTube and will be linked to our own websites. Hence, these annotations can be interesting to our visitors if our video contains news footage, the annotation may point to the text version of the new story hosted on our own website.

Nonetheless, the step by step procedures are easy to follow on how to embed links to external websites in videos. There are only few steps to remember on how to embed links to external websites in videos- 1st is associate our websites with our own YouTube Channels; 2nd is we need to sign –in to our Google Webmasters account then click site name to associate with YouTube, then configure our account; now that we already linked our website to our YouTube account we can verify our account using our phone number; and once the account is verified we can start to create and edit our annotations for the video that we are making, from here we can add the link and our the URL and lastly we can now publish our video. This is really an awesome idea if we are into marketing and expecting for more traffic on our own websites.

And not to mention the last tip that have been mentioned of avoiding the lower third in placing the annotation for this part is of6ten used to display ads.



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