Domain Authority

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Domain Mirror

A domain mirror for your website enables you to host two domain names using the same web content. Typically, a domain mirror will be used to cheaply register variants of a domain name (i.e. – the and .com) and host them both using the same website. They can also be used to assist in the case of changing your domain since the old domain can be mirrored to the new domain once everything is set up.


A document with a small amount of text (usually coherent but sometimes gibberish) intended to rank well specifically for one targeted expression. In the old days, people created as many doorways as they had targeted keywords and search engines to work with.

Doorway page

Pages designed to rank for highly targeted search queries, typically designed to redirect searchers to a page with other advertisements. Some webmasters cloak [link:] thousands of doorway pages on trusted domains, and rake in a boatload of cash until they are caught and delisted [link:].If the page would have a unique purpose outside of search then search engines are generally fine with it, but if the page only exists because search engines exist then search engines are more likely to frown on the behavior.Also known as a “bridge page” or a “gateway page”. A doorway page is a web page full of keyword-rich copy that doesn’t deliver any useful information on it other than a link into the site, and whose sole purpose is to be fed to the search engines.


Popular web development and editing software offering a WYSIWYG [link:] interface.

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