Exploiting market inefficiencies by buying and reselling a commodity for a profit. As it relates to the search market, many thin content sites laced with an Overture [link: ] feed or AdSense ads buy traffic from the major search engines and hope to send some percent of that traffic clicking out on a higher-priced ad. Shopping search engines generally draw most of their traffic through arbitrage.


Abbreviation for Application Program Interface. An API is a set of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications; it determines how a service is invoked through the application.


See Submitting Definition

Announce site to search engines

“Announce” a website to the engines by adding a link to it from another site; that is, one that’s already indexed (by the search engines).

Beware! Search engine submission services which promise higher visibility in the SERPS are total a rip-off.

Animated Ad

An ad with movement, often an interactive Java applet or Shockwave or GIF89a file.