Top 10 Ways to Stretch Your Advertising Dollars

Advertising is one of the  most important ways if you want your business to be the talk of the town or across the nation. Nowadays, the best source that you can reach the consumers is through the internet, especially this season of Holidays most people are searching for the items that they want for the gift giving or for discounted and cheapest item that they can purchase. Many people  thought that after posting their ads on a website they are going to receive bulk orders but they don’t as what they’re expecting.  Instead of spending too much on advertising that doesn’t receive traffic you should know  the 10 ways on how to stretch your advertising dollar and be recognized by good prospects.


It is clearly pointed here on how you can stretch your advertising dollars that everybody can adopt with all the pointers that had been shared. These 10 ways are what everybody needs to receive traffic on our advertising and at the same time to save each dime that we are going to spend.  Nonetheless it is good to know that you can filter out bad paid search clicks and prospects, wherein we can exclude bad prospects; Google AdWords Display Network can also be an option in which we can put our ads on the right category and on which sites your ads are being displayed;  paid advertisements can also help you receive traffic on your branded name either receive exceeding metrics just like in Bing Ads; Youtube is another site that people are visiting placing an advertisement there can really stretch your dollar for every pay per view it costs a penny. Furthermore to these, if you have a Facebook account fan page and share it with your friends definitely you’re fan page will be visited by your friends’ friend but on the other hand it is a social network and not for for ads; but if you’re looking for a Facebook fan page you can also use Wildfire which starts at $50 and your Facebook fans are now your prospects for marketing; another advertising site that might be familiar to you is Reddit and heard about DuckDuckGo which is not a good option because it costs a lot for an advertisement just did the computation (on my own). On the other hand if you’re looking for a smaller audience, you might want to advertise with Etsy because you’re advertising to directly to potential customers; one way or another if you want traffic providers there’s also StumbleUpon; and lastly there are also alternative ad networks that you can choose from.


Advertising your product is very important, it’s just like you are in an interview that you need to show the interviewee that you are the best among the applicants. It is like a competition that you need to show your talents. Indeed, in advertising you should know the category of your item that you are selling, this is one way of communicating with the customers, reaching out what they need, and even if you’re not in front of the customer you know what they want and why are in the site where you posted your advertisement.



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