Top 10 Countdown: Vital Online Marketing Tools

Being in the online marketing business it is very significant to discern which tools are still functional and which are not  in making your data to be proficient and successful when it comes to marketing strategies. Since 2013 is forthcoming and you still want to be on top of the list, you need to evaluate the old tools that you’ve been using for years. Good thing that there’s by now a ranking of vital tools that you can check before getting started in the next year’s online marketing.

Nevertheless it is vital also how this ranking had been conducted and how is this going to be reliable for your marketing. It is obvious that this ranking was made by search engine marketing professionals and marketing experts too.

It is essential to know the top 10 Vital Marketing Tools before making some considerations that will suit your online marketing strategies. On the 10th spot is Google Ad Planner – Media Planning Tools – a lot of marketers  are not familiar with this tool although it is a tool that helps advertisers for media planning that identifies publishers and ad placements where their target audience is browsing online. 9th spot is Web Developer Tools – Firebug – the value of this tool is very situational, this web development tools allow search marketers to monitor and debug different codes on websites. 8th spot is Traffic Estimator Tools expert has been telling people to take data from traffic estimator tools with a “grain of salt” for over seven years now, this tool is considered to give users keyword search traffic and cost estimates on the diverse search engines and search engine partner sites. 7th spot goes to The Google Contextual Targeting Tool – a very underutilized and underpublicized tool, this tool helps you generate securely themed ad groups for your display campaigns in minutes. 6th spot is a Google Ad Preview Tool – it is unquestionably a very useful tool, this tool allows users to check what ads are showing at different locations. Furthermore to the last top 6, let’s go to 5th spot this is Keyword Creation Tools – Google Keyword Tool – although this is  an old trusted friend in the search community, Keyword creation tools permit marketers to make keyword lists for their campaigns fast and competently. Surprising news for a lot of folks as Google Analytics Tools just misses out on the top three ranking,  nevertheless it is on 4th spot  – thesetools proffer ways to not only track and determine conversion/sales data on your site, but as well as give you key insights into how users are interacting with your website. Running down on 3rd spot is Bid Management Tools – were the common number one accepted pick as the top tool at our office, it can manage a limitless number of search campaigns and keywords across all main search engines with rules put in place to manage bids and multiple accounts/campaigns at scale. 2nd spot is AdWords Editor – Bing Ads Editor – A free software application that allows you to promptly and competently create search, display, and/or Remarketing campaigns. And last but not the least that spotted 1st rank –  the  most useful tools  for online marketers and that offers the most functionality of any of the tools available is the Microsoft Excel – Other Spreadsheet Programs – A spreadsheet application/software that allows users to make calculations, graphs/charts, pivot tables, and many other data functions/manipulations.

These Top 10 Vital Online Marketing Tools are just the most useful tools used by the online marketers, there are still other tools that can be used and the choice is still yours as long as you want to be on top of the search engine.