Running Marketing Campaigns with SocialBro via Twitter

Social marketing has proved to be a worthwhile method of reaching the masses. Popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are no stranger to businesses with many having a Facebook page or a Twitter handle to push their brands. Dealing with the large amounts of traffic these sites can present a challenge that is why use of certain applications makes work easier for search business to carry out marketing campaigns.


SocialBro is one of these applications we are talking about, the app now allows businesses carry out marketing campaigns via Twitter’s DM (direct message). Usually a method many would shy away from but would rather consider now seeing as how you can now personalize messages with users names other than just addressing everyone at once. With a limit of 250 DMs a day and a progress report of how the campaign is going, this strategy will appeal to many who are running all sorts of campaigns.


Twitter’s 140 character limit for tweets might be a bit too short to pass on a proper campaign, for something more elaborate DMs would be the way to go.