Article Marketing Power – When I Want More (Blank) I Write More Articles (Simple As That)

By Jeff Herring

Article Marketing, when done correctly, is one of the most powerful forces online. So let’s talk about the power of article marketing.

For me it’s like this, when I want more (blank, something good) I create more articles.

When I want more traffic, I create more articles. Traffic from articles is some of the best traffic, the best qualified traffic you can get. Somebody has spent five minutes or sometimes more reading your article, finding out how you approach problems, how you solve problems. When you do it right, by the end of that article, they want more of you, and that sends traffic to all your profit centers. So when I want more traffic, I create more articles.

When I want more prospects, I create more articles. When I want more people on my list, when I want more people consuming my information, when I want more people that I can market to and offer my services to, I create more articles. And a prospect that’s come in through an article is a highly qualified prospect. They’ve gotten a good sample of you, more than a Tweet, more than a Facebook update, they’ve gotten a 300 to 500 word sample of you and now they want more. That’s the kind of prospect you want.

When I want more publicly, I create more articles. One of the reasons I can be found all over my niche is the power of articles, because you can take articles and turn them into Tweets, turn them into Facebook updates, LinkedIn updates, YouTube videos, blog posts, etc, etc.. And when you’re found all over your niche, you get to hear people say I see you everywhere. That’s powerful publicity from simply creating more articles.

When I want more products, I create more articles. Wait a minute Jeff, how can you get products out of articles? Really easily when you do it right. When you’re creating your article content, do it with products in mind, and you can take that article content and expand it and compile it, and create multiple information products.

And when I want more profit, I create more articles. The profit comes in two ways. Traffic and prospects, I call that profit. When I get more traffic, when I get more prospects, when I get more publicity, when I get more people in my list community, that’s a profit to me. And then the profit that you put in your bank account. You you turn your content into products. You turn your articles into products, and you profit so well from traffic, prospects and publicity because then those people want to invest with you. They want to buy your stuff.

So it’s as simple as that folks. When I want more traffic, prospects, publicity, products, and profits, I create more articles. Simple as that, and as powerful as that. I can make it more complicated for you, but why?

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