With the release of RKG ( Rimm-Kaufman Group ) marketing report for the first quarter of 2013, the rise in smartphone and tablet use has advertisers increasing their spending on search ads. It would only be the best move to tap into this growing audience. A couple of interesting scenarios this report had which I thought I would highlight here. The decline in search traffic from laptops and desktops which is not quite a surprise seeing the increase in tablet and smartphone sales. This however has seen an increase in search spending by 24% in the first quarter, with cost of mobile cost-per-click gaining on PC.


On search engine click share, RKG realized on traffic share across devices that each search engine shared an advantage on devices where it was the default. Though search engine giant Google still a preferred traffic share across the most popular devices i.e iPad, iPhone and Android Phones. In share traffic generated from mobile, Google lead by 28% to Bing’s 16% but on the Kindle Fire Bing had twice the click share of Google.


On revenue per click tablets generated 15% lower than PC, even with gained traffic share among other tablets and Android, which is still less than half that of the iPad.


In the first Quarter report of 2013, RKG found that iOS 6 accounted for 83% of Google search traffic from iOS devices, 75% of which not passing a referrer thanks to secure search.


This report would not be complete without a look into social media. This might not come as shock to many but Facebook has the lead on share of visits from social sites. Though a small segment of overall site referrer sending just 2% of all site visits, Facebook still has a good command on social media.


The full RKG report gives you a deeper look and analysis in search engine optimization, social media, comparison shopping engines and more with over 40 charts to aid.