Ten Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The simple mistakes people make when marketing can only spell doom for your campaign. We all need a little help now and then especially when treading uncharted waters. So if mobile marketing is new to you, here are ten mistakes you want to avoid:

1.Not engaging with your customers and not making your campaign local, social and mobile

Jumping right into marketing your product is a major turn off on so many levels. You need to create a rapport with your customers before getting to the nitty gritty. Also marketing through as many media as possible to get to as many people possible to improve your mobile marketing campaign.

2. Not respecting the privacy of your customer

The urgency to make that sale sometimes clouds our j judgement and we think the more we sent texts the more likely we are to make a sale. Far from it, push messages without engaging your customers will only chase them away. Keep it to a minimum, probably one message a week will do the trick.

3. Not proofreading or testing your message

Make sure you know how the message will appear to customers before they do. Check your links, numbers, graphics, basically check everything especially spelling.

4. Mismatching content with mobile messaging

There different mobile handsets being used by your customers, so make sure links can be opened on every device available giving everyone an opportunity to view your campaign.

5. Building an app without a plan for promoting it

Thinking that after the app is up and running your job is over can mislead you. You need to promote the app with regular updates.

6.  Not targeting a specific audience or too much targeting

Your campaign will appeal differently to different target groups; women, men, young and old. Knowing who your target market is will better help you to customize ads that will appeal to different groups. Too much of it might also limit your reach to the population and diminishing returns on investments.

7.  Not adding your phone number
Make sure you include your phone number. Customers might need to reach you.

8.  Putting a QR code in any location where the user has no wireless access

QR codes placed in places where they don’t help ease access to your customers is of no use.

9. Your mobile ad or app should do more than one thing

Give your ad something new to captivate customers, give new, exciting content. The experience is what many will remember, just leading straight to the site is cliche.

10. Directing your customers to a non-mobile website

Sending customers to sites that don’t work on mobile phones is a mistake that could pass you by. Make sure your site works well on mobile phones.

There we go! Hope you take note and avoid these mistakes.