Killer SEO Landing Page Tips

Landing pages should be the Ying to your Yang – you know, something you can’t live without. It’s the invitation card to your site of which you make a poor presentation and you won’t get that many viewers which would be bad for SEO. There are a couple of things to accomplish on landing pages that ensure your landing page does what its supposed to:-

– Connect with intent: giving the user what they want

– Resolve queries: Answering the query

– Engage the user: sending users to search engines

– Drive further user engagement: sending additional user signals to both users and search engines

To ensure these accomplishments are met here is a checklist to improve your SEO campaigns

1. Align headlines with intent

Your headlines are what captures the users, the bolder and graphical elements is what gets the users attention first. With clear communication on what the page is about, and query intent written out in blue, gives the user the two seconds needed to pull them to your site.

2. Match content with query intent

Okay so you know users won’t wait around to read a lot of content even if your header has intent. A simple paragraph of 200 words should not be a task for anyone but if it doesn’t satisfy my query intent those may be the longest 200 word paragraphs ever.

3. Will a quick scan answer who, what and why?

We all do it, peruse through a site to get a gist of what its all about. Can a quick scan answer what your brand is all about. Further engaging the user in your brand make sure user intent isn’t buried. Remember you only have your user for a couple of seconds.

4. Simple to navigate through

You pulled me in with the bold headlines now what? Is it easy for me to know what to do next? That should be another element you should take into consideration.

5. On-page modification based on query intent

Instead of having users going back to search results to modify search query, having on-site options to modify search.

6. Next click consistency

A great user experience is a good user engagement strategy. Moving from landing pages to main sites should be obvious to the user which in turn equals higher ranking potential.

7. Sharing what you find

So i get what i have been looking for, i would probably want to share this with others. Is this possible with your landing page? Social media sharing is a great tool to provide on your site stretching reach of your audience.

In summary, site usability, onsite engagement and user experience have become major assessment values for search engine rankings. For success in SEO you need to take a look at these tips as the key.