How to be Successful by Working on a Schedule

By Laura Hatcher

This may seem unimportant but in reality it is crucial if you are serious about your business. This can determine serious business owners from those with a hobby. You should schedule a specific time, no just for your business but time designated activities related to your business daily. In the end, if you schedule your time daily, you will be more productive and more successful. I will discuss my daily schedule.

1. One hour to education per day

Education is key! This is what makes you valuable to others. Without this you will not sell. You need to know your market and how to market. This is always changing so what you do one day may be completely different several months from now. If you know how to market, you can market anything!

2. One hour per day to an article or blog

Having this hour scheduled helps me stay focused. I know I have just an hour to produce a great article so no phone calls, no reading my email, no interruptions. I write. I first start with determining what I will write today, do some research and then I organize and put my article together. I then submit it to an article submission site, my Empower Network site, several social media sites and Better Networker.

3. One hour networking

Here I make an effort to reach to at least 20 new prospects per day. My tool, Facebook. I message other marketers I find, asking if they would be interested in taking a look at my Facebook page and if interested, like my page. I also comment on other blogs. Many times these bloggers are interested in seeing what I have to offer and come to my site.

4. 30 minutes to engaging with prospects and affiliates

I do this through email, answering questions and corresponding with Facebook comments and blog comments

5. At this time I spend 1 hour with calls

If I have phone numbers, call your leads! Let them know you are there for them. Listen to their reasons for wanting information and make suggestions. My suggestion, don’t sell your product. Listen and suggest. This may not be everyone’s style but it works for me.

6. Create time for your other work or activities

I run another business so I set aside 3 hours (4-5 during busy season) to working my other site. This is no different than many of us out there who work full or part time and we need to find time for that as well.

7. Family time!

I help my girls with homework, clean the house, make dinner, run errands. You have to make time for your family and yourself. Schedule it! This may sound silly but it’s a must. If you don’t have down time you won’t be productive when you are working. I not only put time aside per day but I also take off Sundays. It’s very difficult when you have easy access to your office but you have to stay disciplined and remember why you are doing this. Spend time with what is the most important thing to you.

If you had noticed steps 1 through 5 are productive tasks. When it comes to technical details, I find that time unproductive so I outsource. I have used Fiverr but my favorite is Odesk. If you are technical savvy you can probably do projects much quicker than I! Fiverr and Odesk are very inexpensive and well worth the investment to look professional and handle any tasks I have no clue how to do.

In the end, take your business seriously by taking your time seriously. By doing this everything will fall into place and you will be one of those businesses that stand out from the rest.

My name is Laura and I have been an online owner for 8 years now. Please feel free to visit my blog for more advice on online marketing tips. Education is an absolute key to your success in online marketing and sales. The worst think you can do is jump without learning how to jump!