Bloggers: Making Spammers by Avoiding Spam?

Search engine result page rankings are all the rage and being ranked at the top is of at most importance. To spammers the ends justifies the means and whatever it takes to get to your destination goes. Search engine programmers have not been at peace, trying to eliminate scam techniques spammers use to get only worth while pages ranked is no walk in the park. The amount of guest posting request bloggers receive keeps growing and growing.

Guest posting has its pros and cons but is a very helpful way to get a good rank from SERP. What keeps readers coming back to your blog is fresh and valuable content which guest posting brings. Can you imagine reading the same newspaper/message over and over again? It’s no fun at all. All the same getting bucket loads of guest posting requests with poor English and “spam-my” links is no fun. Going through the many requests is something bloggers have had to go through to separate chaff. This takes time but for you to get valuable content it is necessary to go through all requests one by one.

Nobody likes SPAM that’s given, guest posting is just a means used by spammers to fool the system but if used in a legitimate way the benefits are immense. The signs used to spot spammers won’t take you long to find.