Social Media Link Building

Link building using social media is an avenue most people are using to get people onto their sites. With the huge amounts of users on different social media platforms, getting traffic to your site building links through social media is genius. However, not all platforms work for everyone and getting the balance where you know what will work for and against you is of major importance. The benefits of using social media are quite a few but the one most look to get out of it is building a client relationship. Social media creates an avenue where people can interact and express themselves in concern with your brand giving a sense of belonging.

Having an on-line presences without being on either of the two biggest social media platforms around, Facebook and Twitter, is almost unheard of. Between these two social networks they have 1.5 billion active users, Facebook having an edge over twitter with 1 billion users. It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Facebook though with users complaining about privacy settings and ads on the site but has a wealth of benefits that work well for brands with their page feature. This feature allows one to share upcoming events, share videos, update status etc.

Lets not forget Twitter with 500 million active users since 2006, for short, precise 140 character updates known as tweets, this platform offers for a great link building site. Simple to use, short and to the point, nobody likes reading paragraphs of text about something they don’t know about. Short text description with a link to sites is the best way to make your tweet worthy of capturing users. These are not the only socially fit link building networks, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube are other great places to build links.

As good as social media is to promoting brands, increasing traffic and improving our SERP rankings, some platforms don’t really do much for you. Again depending on your social outlook or professionalism, building a Myspace profile might not be a good reach as this platform is more inclined niches that talk about music.

The rate at which information is being consumed is astounding. Just putting out content is not enough, quality and how you put it out there matters. More often than not we see successes from our competitors and want to copy the same route. As we put it out there earlier, what works for company A, does not mean it will work for company B. Understanding how best social media works for you is key.