Facebook: Changing the Way We Search | Facebook Graph Search

Ordinarily searches done on facebook give you results from all over the world which makes it difficult to sift through the results. Searching for the Pizza Hut just around the corner from my house will give me results of Pizza Huts all around the world which don’t help me. Well, search on facebook is about to get a whole lot easier with Graph Search.

What’s Graph Search? Basically, it’s like the ordinary search but graph search will have the capability of organizing your search results to things much more familiar to you. From people you had gone to school with, people around your area to people who have similar interests as you, getting search results will hit closer to home with graph search.

As for your privacy settings on facebook, graph search will not be able to change that. With all these changes to search people will only have permission to what you make available in your privacy settings. This will come as a blessing to businesses which will now be able to find their target market and get feedback from users of products or services directly.

Graph search which is still yet to be implemented will change the way people search on facebook for the better. Who wouldn’t want a little bit more organization in search results!