Google updates its Android Search app, bringing a Google Now widget to your home and lock screens

Google has updated its search application for Android which sees it provide users with fresh data. Search on Google Now will see users get moving ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and real estate info from Zillow which updates you on listings from user’s databases. And that’s not it, for sports fanatics, the app includes a sports search which Google calls “support for US college sports”.

For Android users, this update should be of great benefit. Customizing the app to appear on your Home and lock screen is also something worth mentioning about. Google goes to great lengths to become the number one location for all mobile searches. Here is a the reason to ride on this fact; Google actually pay Apple $1 billion a year to be its search provider. A bold move that spells out just how much being the number one search provider on Android means.

If you are thinking of getting this app just go to Google Play.