3 things you should do on Facebook before any trip

Facebook has got to be the biggest thing to happen to the internet since Google. With over 1 billion active users across the globe, there is no doubt Facebook is the best place to connect and share with long lost friends. As you connect with friends you also want to share what is happening in your life especially your exploits. It keeps your friends somehow entertained and want to get to be apart of what is going on in your life. So three things you want to do on Facebook before you take a trip at least to make it more enjoyable even for your friends.


1. Post your specific travel plans with a ‘call to arms.

It is common to find many who post where they have been after they have already been there. Well you can try updating your status with your travel plans and inquire from you’re friends places you should see on your travel. This will create for a great conversation and could actually act as a heads up for friends who might be living where you’re visiting. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.


2. Use Facebook city pages to find friends.

Depending on which part of the globe you are going to, it is interesting to find others who have already been there or are there. Facebook has a feature where it has become possible to do exactly this. Search for whichever city you are going to, New York, on the lower left side you should find a field that says “Friends who have visited New York”. Find out from people who live or have lived there about their great exploits.


3. Reach out to your weak connections.

Armed with No.2, this could be a great opportunity for you to reach out to some of your friends you rarely get to speak to. You have something in common to talk about, just don’t make it look like an ambush, find out what they have been up to and build from there. Ask about what you should do while there.


As much as Facebook is there to connect people we could also learn a lot from people.

We are the 16%: Why Facebook should stop charging to increase the reach of Page posts

With over a billion active users worldwide, it is no secret why companies are making Facebook part of their daily marketing activity. Facebook’s announcement that what companies post through their pages reaches only 16% of their members news feed was thought to be much higher than that by some companies. However, for an improved news feed reach companies would have to fork out cash to promote their posts. This to some seemed to be some kind of underhand tactic to force admins to pay for marketing but Facebook says its just a measure to prevent spam.
It should be understood that since becoming a public company, Facebook needs to make revenue for its shareholders but there should better ways to raise revenue than limiting reach right! Here are a couple of ways Facebook could think of to raise money :-

1. Business Page fees – Introducing a fee for people who open business pages. There are businesses that depend a great deal on Facebook and it would not be inconceivable to charge an amount for using the platform.

2. Increase of Friendship limit – Many have already reached the limit of friends one is allowed to have, increasing the limit at a fee will raise revenue and give users an option to upgrade other than forcing matters. It’s always better having an option.

3. Phone Calls – Facebook could have users call friends cell phones over VOIP for a fee even if they are not on-line  Facebook has got us connected with long lost friends and news ones all together, having this option brings friends even closer.

4. Facebook Offers –  
Like many coupon systems Facebook don’t require prospective customers to do anything other than click on them. Modifying its offer systems to work more like other coupon systems to help aid sales.

5. Real-time Insights – Currently page insights take two days to update which could be speeded up at a fee. Creating premium pages that get real-time insights especially for a companies running campaigns could be very valuable.

For over a billion active users worldwide, limiting reach cuts growth potential drastically and marketers may reconsider using Facebook. As Facebook grows we expect changes to occur, only that these changes shouldn’t chase people away.

Facebook: Changing the Way We Search | Facebook Graph Search

Ordinarily searches done on facebook give you results from all over the world which makes it difficult to sift through the results. Searching for the Pizza Hut just around the corner from my house will give me results of Pizza Huts all around the world which don’t help me. Well, search on facebook is about to get a whole lot easier with Graph Search.

What’s Graph Search? Basically, it’s like the ordinary search but graph search will have the capability of organizing your search results to things much more familiar to you. From people you had gone to school with, people around your area to people who have similar interests as you, getting search results will hit closer to home with graph search.

As for your privacy settings on facebook, graph search will not be able to change that. With all these changes to search people will only have permission to what you make available in your privacy settings. This will come as a blessing to businesses which will now be able to find their target market and get feedback from users of products or services directly.

Graph search which is still yet to be implemented will change the way people search on facebook for the better. Who wouldn’t want a little bit more organization in search results!

Adapting To Changes Brought About By EdgeRank’s New Algorithm in Facebook

Over the past few months, managers of Facebook brand pages have noticed an intense decline in the number of followers viewing their posts as EdgeRank, which controls and identifies what pops out in the newsfeed of your followers, imposes a new tautened algorithm.

Several factors have been identified to help brands adapt to this change. Affinity, which is a score based upon exchanges between users and brand pages, is important. Your followers will not see your posts and be directed to your page by just publishing updates, although interesting questions may prompt your followers to answer. Starting up an argument or debate will likewise encourage others to make a stance. Viewing their profile pages and commenting on some of their posts or queries, which you have a good knowledge and experience on, will surely work for you.

Weight of every action must also be prioritized.“Comments” are more advantageous than “likes” as these create a more interactive rapport. The use of pictures, videos, and links in updates are proven to be effective in luring more followers and thus they are normally given more weight by Facebook. Try to offer a good mix of these media along with well composed and sensible posts or articles.

Time of decay or freshness of contents is also given priority in EdgeRank’s new algorithm. New updates are best posted only when your followers are online. But try to be more cautious as you might be flooding your followers’ pages exactly the same time as others are doing. The more content entering newsfeed followers receive at one time, the less likely that your post will be noticed and shared.

Affinity, Weight, and Timing are the keys to achieving success online. Combine all your efforts and improve your EdgeRank on Facebook.