The death of SEO and why keywords are possibly being removed to push paid traffic

The fear of many that encrypted search would see the death of keyword has played a major shift in the SEO world. Rightfully so i might add, encrypted search does not convert keywords in any analysis which has got the SEO world worried. It is predicted that encrypted data would only affect a small percentage of overall searches which would come as a relief to many. Before, 2011 to be precise, encrypted searches was only for users who had signed in but now that it’s accessible to all the growth is evident.

So why would Google take away keyword from SEO? A few theories actually, paid search is one of them. Getting keyword reports from google at a cost obviously, where you get information on queries users used to how many clicks on an Ad on the Google search engine could be a reality. Other theories that could be a reason for this move could be to get people to use Google keyword tools or paid services to get more information on your site. Clever, though Google say encrypted search was simply a way of providing users with a more secure and private search experience.

Limiting overall search hinders SEO methodology accuracy, this could be another reason why Google are pushing encrypted data, as a way of limiting malicious promotion of websites. As difficult as it is to brainstorm on reasons why, it surely must be as hard to comprehend which route SEO will take next.