7 Key Design Tips for High-Converting Landing Pages

If you go by the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” and expect people to buy it you might be in for a rude shock. That saying probably should be considered when dealing with people and even then put in mind you don’t get second chances to make first impressions. Landing pages is like your book cover here or your first chance to impress. For a successful on-site marketing campaign, landing pages are something you ought to pay attention to. Just having the page however, will not guarantee you high conversion rate on your site. Your landing page leads people to your site, this means if your landing page doesn’t capture visitors attention, high chances are they won’t bother going to your site.


You want to improve your site’s conversion rate, here are seven design tips to help you get the inbound traffic.


1. Get To The Point

The secret to this is say what you mean, put your message across in the simplest way. Visitors hope to get what they are looking for in the first 5-10 seconds, if nothing captures the eye by then you lose your visitor. Clear headers and sub-headers  bullet points to emphasis on the benefits of the offer helps visitors scan through the page. Make things as brief as possible it goes a long way.


2. Use Contrasting Colors

Your call to action on your landing page should be easy for visitors to spot. Use of colors that stand out is a good way to tell your visitors where you want them to focus on.


3. Stamp on a Logo

Make sure you logo is on the landing page to help viewers identify with your brand. Place your logo easily visible to see and keep it at the same spot on all your pages – shows consistency.


4. Avoid Visual Clutter

A picture tells a thousand words! Images are good for attracting viewers but they tend to distract from the message the landing page carries. Graphics on the page also beautify the page but this increases loading time. Don’t make visitors wait for a minute longer than they have to get a message that can be put in plain text.


5. Never Underestimate Formatting

Quite simple to do and very helpful when making landing pages. Making sure your offer comes out clearly on your page by laying out your images, headlines and form etc makes for a good user experience and helps conversion.


6. Add Social Proof

Add social proof why don’t you! Positive testimonies could be a great thing to add to your landing page. This adds credibility to your content and helps conversion.


7. Be Consistent

Though there is that temptation to change templates every time you feel it needs a change, try and maintain some consistency. Viewers might have gotten a hang of how to navigate through your page changing it often means they have to get around the new template. This reduces conversion rate.


So there you have it, 7 design landing page tips to keep your help your conversion rate. Try them!