Home Based Business Success Tips – Best Online Business To Join

By Adam S Harding

In order to maximize your chance of home based business success, it is important to join an online business opportunity that lets you focus on what is important: driving traffic, getting leads, and making sales.

As a result, the best home based business opportunities to join online should consist of the following:

Turnkey System – You don’t want to be stressing yourself out with tasks that do not directly get traffic and leads. So if you need to setup your own website, get hosting, brand yourself, create graphics and videos etc. then that is too much work. Make sure you join an online opportunity that gives you all the training, tools, and resources needed to succeed right out of the box.

Sales Video Presentation – Be sure to leverage the power of a sales video presentation in your marketing. The best business to join will give you a professional, high converting sales video to use for your own promotions. Your job as an online marketer is to send as many eyeballs to that video as possible. If you do that then the sales will come through.

Competition – If lots of other people are consistently promoting the same opportunities in the same ezine publications, website banners, PPC campaigns, solo ads listings etc. then that is a good sign that it works. Many people get put off by this and think it means the business opportunity is saturated. But I see it as an excellent opportunity to take advantage of all the free exposure all these other marketers are creating for you.

Sell Information Products – Information products are the easiest products to sell because you create them once and sell them over and over again. They also make a good fit for building a residual income because you can automate the marketing and selling of them. As a beginner, it is a good idea to do affiliate marketing by selling existing products that have already been created by another marketer. All you have to do is drive traffic to an affiliate offer and the commissions will come your way. If you are looking to join internet business opportunities over the internet then I would look at one whose primary product line is of digital products rather than physical products.

Monthly Residual Income – I presume you want to join a home based business on the internet because it will free up your time and earn you a residual income from home. But many people end up working even harder in their opportunity than they would have to do in their 9 to 5 job. They are grinding it out cold calling leads and begging people to look at their offer! So make sure you join a company that enables you to earn more money but by doing less work!

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Internet Network Marketing – How To Identify The Best Network Marketing To Join Online

By Adam S Harding

Network marketing on the internet can be a very hard way to make money online and many people fail in their home based business ventures.

So to help you increase your chances of internet network marketing success, here are a number of important factors to look out for when deciding upon the best network marketing business to join online:

Information Products – At the core of a successful marketing business is the products. But many companies will have you selling physical products in the offline sense. I think the way to go is to sell info products such as ebooks, audio and video. These can be created once and sold over and over again. You can also automate the sell of information products in a way that you cannot do with physical products since people often want to see them in person. Look for network marketing companies that have information products for you to sell or look at introducing affiliate products for information products and digital services into your email follow-up sequence to help monetize all leads, even the ones that say no.

Sales Funnel – Legitimate home based business opportunities that work will be run by marketers who understand the importance of a sales funnel. An internet marketing sales funnel is essential for home based business success. With a sales funnel you offer leads arriving into your business a low cost product to help act as a funded proposal for any paid advertising campaigns being run. And then these buyers go through an upsell process where the can also buy high ticket products on the backend. This increases the average lifetime customer value for you. Make sure there is a sales funnel like this for you to “plug in” to when you join a home based business opportunity online.

Income Potential – When you look to join opportunities over the internet you are likely to be doing so because you want to earn more money and work less. Not the other way around! Have a look at the income disclosure for the business that you join to see the amounts that others are making with the company. Usually with these sort of things there will be quite a few people not taking action and not getting results, but if there is a wide spread of different people (not just one or two) earning an excellent living wage then the signs are good.

In Demand Products – Don’t decide whether an internet business opportunity works depending on whether you make money. Decide if it works depending on how well it converts high quality traffic to sales. If the home based business opportunity works then you will get a high average lifetime value per customer as part of the sales funnel they have in place.

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