Swipp launches to take on Google and Facebook Graph Search with a new social intelligence search

Facebook and Google have a new player in the social intelligence search arena. Swipp, a new start-up recently launched its services that look to turn daily social expressions and try to turn them into a usable form of social data. The social graph is believed to hold a lot of valuable information by the company who say this data reflects what everyone is thinking at a particular time.

The founders of the company, Thorson and Costantini, realized that people wanted to stay connected but needed a standard data structure, archive or reporting tool in the knowledge world but not in real time. Swipp came in to help create a data structure that will keep the world socially informed. It comes with other tools which include a website, iPad App, mobile app, data dashboards and an API.

So how does Swipp work? Well, once you sign in you can carry out a search of things that interest you, sports, music etc. When you find something that interests you, you can show how you feel on a scale (-5 to +5) where photos and comments about feedback can be left. You also have an option of starting your own topic or picking one from the 10 million already provided. With the aim to improve on what has already been provided, the company hope to have maps, links, videos and real-time news displayed within each topical page. Interesting enough is that Swipp does not integrate with other social networks. A tall order for Swipp but a hurdle they are positive they shall overcome.

It is yet to be seen but if Swipp are successful with getting users without pulling from Facebook or Twitter, two of the largest social media networks, the market for intelligence marketing is going to be huge.