Social SEO Steps You Can Implement Right Now

The rate at which information is being consumed on line has sky-rocketed over the past few years. Search has made everyone a know-it-all when it comes close to everything, medicine, healthy living, sports you name it. We consume so much of this information even getting a second opinion from experts in that field is almost never even thought of. Therefore  your presences on-line is mandatory in this “Google generation” if you are to survive in business that is.

When looked at closely social media and SEO have similar goals, one of them being information discovery thus the term social SEO. It is possible to integrate the two, social media and SEO, in one way to attain on-line presences. As the proverbial saying goes “killing two birds with one stone” these steps will help any digital marketing strategy improve social media presences as well as SEO performance.

1. Register your company/business with Google Places – To kick us off, Google places is an on-line directory of physical addresses of businesses making it simple for prospective customers to find. To top this all up it’s free.

2. Create a Company/Brand Page on Facebook and Google Plus – This works on your credibility with search engines, Facebook and Google+ are two trusted sites having a presence there makes your brand more solid.

3. Establish your Brand Presence on Google plus – involving your brand to niches close to what you do is the other step you can make. Interacting with groups and communities, initiating valuable conversation are all beneficial in how search engines rate you.

4. Add Google’s Plus one (+1) button on your site’s important pages – This actually allows for your site to get social recommendation which search engines rely on to gauge a site’s popularity.

5. Add other social sharing options (Google+ share, Like, Tweet etc) – Having just one +1 button helps search engines determine a site’s popularity imagine what two or three more sharing options will do.

6. Add a Google+ Badge and Page Badge – This is what people use to identify you, having it as your badge gives your brand more proof.

7. Promote social actions to two of your best-written content – The more clicks and shares you get is a sign of authority and search engines see this as trust in your brand.

8. Integrate social payment systems into your content strategy – Payment methods present opportunities for brands and businesses to build on viral marketing

9. Recycle past content in the form of video marketing – written content is a flooded form of marketing and is easily overlooked putting information in video form has a higher click able rate.

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