Social Authority: Our Measure of Twitter Influence

For twitter fans, social authority has got be the best thing to happen since the social boom 🙂 a metric system that computes influential activity of twitter users’. It highlights content that’s doing well, gives you an overview of your social graph and helps you find new followers who are of great value. There is no hidden secret to how this metric adds up, social authority is basically all about retweets. A retweet is somewhat of an acknowledgement from others that your content is valuable.

What about follower count as a measure of social authority? At least that is what most people use as a measure of influence but that is far from reality. The list of twitter users with the most followers and those with the highest social authority are not similar. One thing social authority thrives on is retweets, the value of your content being shared is how your influence is gauged. This is the major difference between social authority and other metric systems out there.

What you want to do is get more people to spread the content you put on twitter and social authority can help by finding influential users who can share your content to their affiliates. Basically, social authority is a great tool one can use to find important relationships and great beneficial content strategies.

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