Six Simple Website Design Guidelines

By Douglas Valdez

Developing a website for business is an important aspect that many small and big companies should consider. Businesses know that an effective website will develop leads and boost sales. Following a few simple design tips, your website is definitely an effective device in the growth of your company.

1. Keep it as basic as possible

It is important for customers and visitors not to get lost in your website and should be able to follow the content and navigate easily. This can be done by keeping the web site creation as simple as possible. Never include too much info, excessive add ons and web site content can make your site unfavorable with SEO and will limit the quantity of visitors to your website. Remember that sometimes less is more.

2. Choose and stick to a simple color scheme

Sometimes it would be better to limit the amount of colors used in designing your website. This can help to give your site a professional appear. Typical colour schemes for websites use colors like red, blue, yellow, grey, and white.

If you have a logo design, it is best to stick to its color scheme. It is not a good idea to change color on every page of the site. By being consistent, the appearance and overall structure looks very appealing.

3. Provide users with a simple menu or navigational system.

If you possess an active website design that offers more than 15 pages then a site map is vital because they progress page navigation as well as search engine optimization. With sitemaps, website visitors can easily find information on your website. A ot of good looking websites have a left side navigation bar or at the top of the website.

4. Utilize high quality pics and vids and restrict effects

You need to make sure that the videos are professionally done as well as having high resolution. This is because your website will grind slowly with too many logos and graphics that have spinning and glowing transitions effects. Effects can disturb your visitors from the true purpose of your website and may consider too much time too download which may entice people to look away from your website.

5. Create Top-Notch Content

After you’ve ensured that your web design looks crisp and professional it’s important that you make certain your web submissions are created to promote higher search engine rankings and enormous quantities of target site visitors. As long as you understand your visitors, you can create content that will surely appeal to them.

6. Pay Attention to Web page Length

Ensure the content on your page is of the suitable length. Articles should not exceed 1000 words in order to retain website visitors by not boring them. Try to get your website into a well organized structure and use options such as bullet list and tags to clearly outline your content according to importance.