What’s Next For SEO?

Google’s decision to make secure search default on its chrome browser to prevent the flow of organic keyword data through to analytics tools as part of referral information, has got Ryan Deshazer, Senior Vice President Digital Experience, thinking “What next for SEO?” Just this past November Google started cracking down on analytics tools that provided scraped data to users by revoking API access to some of its products.

Innovation is ripe in the SEO world and looking for what comes next in terms of hits to your site and how you get there must be on most search engine expert’s minds. Optimizing sites relying on keyword data is no longer an avenue SEO experts will consider taking. In Ryan’s article, google looks like they want to do away with keyword data and visit data which have been key in web optimization. He however has a few beliefs on what we should expect from Google’s recent crack down on SEO analytics tools.

The saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” says a lot here. It will be hard for many to let go of rank data which has been used for years as a gauge of SEO success and keyword queries. It’s not all gloom though, Ryan believes content marketing and brand storytelling through digital communication channels is the next big thing in SEO. Judging of web pages and any other digital content by the goals organizations stand for.

If Ryans beliefs are anything to go by, the days of search optimizing websites are almost over.