Best SEO Strategies For 2013 – 4 SEO Tips To Take You To The Top

It recalls SEO has changed dramatically in 2012. With the introduction of Google’s Panda and its 21 subsequent updates in 2012, what worked yesterday for SEO will not work today. Furthermore it explains for 2013, we need to re-think the concept of “SEO techniques” entirely. Rather than a technique, your 2013 SEO strategy should have a more natural approach, incorporating fresh and relevant content, SoLoMo strategies (Social, Local, Mobile) with a strong focus on customer engagement. It gives some useful ideas for incorporating these key areas and here are the following: SEO your site; Keep content fresh and valuable; Post to Social Media frequently, and the last one is, Go mobile and market to mobile. It concludes that,Go SoLoMo in 2013, and incorporate these 4 tips to help your company’s SEO efforts and keep you on the top of the SERPs.