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Facebook is a highly-popular social networking [link: ] website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. Users can add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. Additionally, users can join networks organized by city, workplace, and school or college.

A January 2009 Compete.com [link: ] study ranked Facebook as the most used social network by worldwide monthly active users, followed by MySpace [link: ].

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Favorites Icon is a small icon which appears next to URLs in a web browser. Upload an image named favicon.ico in the root of your site to have your site associated with a favicon.

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Many content management systems such as blogs, allow readers to subscribe to content update notifications via RSS [link: ] or XML feeds.

Feeds can also refer to pay per click syndicated feeds, or merchant product feeds. Merchant product feeds have become less effective as a means of content generation due to improving duplicate content filters.

Feed Aggregator

See Feed Reader [link: ]

Feed Reader

Software or website used to subscribe to feed update notifications.


  • Google Reader – Google’s popular web-based feed reader.
  • Bloglines – Popular web-based feed reader.
  • My Yahoo! – Allows you to subscribe to feed updates.
  • Feed Demon – Desktop-based feed reader.


Free for all pages are pages which allow anyone to add a link to them. Generally these links do not pull much weight in search relevancy algorithms because many automated programs fill these pages with links pointing at low quality websites.



How easily found your site is using search engines. 


Popular extensible open source web browser from Mozilla.

Download Mozilla’s Firefox

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Vector graphics-based animation software which makes it easier to make websites look rich and interactive in nature.Search engines tend to struggle indexing and ranking flash websites because flash typically contains so little relevant content. If your website uses flash, please ensure that:

  • You embed flash files within HTML pages
  • You use a noembed element to describe what is in the flash
  • You publish your flash content in multiple separate files such that you can embed appropriate flash files in relevant pages
  • You supplement the flash with noscript [link: ] content


Flash intro

an animated ‘short’ created using Flash that Internet users are made to sit through upon entry to a home page. Flash intros annoy users. They also typically take the place of text content on a home page, and since search engines can’t ‘read’ content embedded in Flash, the rankings of a home page that’s just a Flash intro will suffer. 

Floating Ads

An ad that appears within the main browser window on top of the page’s normal content, appearing to “float” over the top of the page.


Shuffling of search engine positions in between major search engine updates


A virtual community. Also known as discussion forums. Used by search engine optimizers and webmasters for information exchange. Users can post messages in different forums, either to the group at large or to certain users. However, all postings can be seen by anyone else who has access to that forum, so save sensitive materials for private email. Forums are also threaded, which means a reply to a particular posting becomes part of the “thread” of that posting that can be followed to provide a cohesive progression through a particular topic.


A technique created by Netscape [link: ] used to display multiple smaller pages on a single display. This web design technique allows for consistent site navigation, but makes it hard to deep link at relevant content
when separate web pages are combined into one, each potentially with its own scrollbar. You know you’re on a framed website when part of the page scrolls while the rest of the page stays in place. Frames frustrate people because much of the time when the person tries to bookmark a specific page, it doesn’t actually work but instead bookmarks the “frameset” page which is typically the home page. Search engines don’t like frames. A framed web site is at a severe disadvantage compared to non-framed sites in terms of search engine marketing. Most search engines support frames, but only, as Google says in its FAQ section, “to the extent that [we] can.” Searchers clicking through to a framed page from search results sometimes end up on an orphaned page. You can use <noframes> in HTML to make the page indexed normally by the crawler.

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  • iFrames [link: ]


A web page that is made up of frames. A useful analogy: if the individual frames that make up the frameset are the ‘children,’ then the frameset is the ‘parent.’


The number of times an ad is delivered to the same browser in a single sessions or time period. 

Fresh Content

Content which is dynamic in nature and gives people a reason to keep paying attention to your website. Blogs [link: ] are a good example of fresh content.

Many SEOs talk up fresh content, but fresh content does not generally mean re-editing old content. It more often refers to creating new content.

The primary advantages to fresh content are:

  • Maintain and grow mindshare: If you keep giving people a reason to pay attention to you more and more people will pay attention to you, and link to your site.
  • Faster idea spreading: If many people pay attention to your site, when you come out with good ideas they will spread quickly through such things as social networking [link: ].
  • Growing archives: If you are a content producer then owning more content means you have more chances to rank. If you keep building additional fresh content eventually that gives you a large catalog of relevant content.
  • Frequent crawling: Frequently updated websites are more likely to be crawled frequently [link: ].


File Transfer Protocol is a protocol for transferring data between computers. Many content management systems (such as blogging platforms) include FTP capabilities.

Web development software such as Dreamweaver also comes with FTP capabilities. There are also a number of free or cheap FTP programs such as Cute FTP, Core FTP, and Leech FTP.


Fuzzy Search

Search which will find matching terms when terms are misspelled (or fuzzy).

Fuzzy search technology is similar to stemming technology, with the exception that fuzzy search corrects the misspellings at the users end and stemming searches for other versions of the same core word within the index.