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Above the Fold

A traditional marketing term used to describe the top portion of a newspaper. On the web (or in email), it means the area of content in the browser viewable before scrolling.


Search engine which was created by Fast, then bought by Overture [link], which was bought by Yahoo! [link]. Yahoo! may use AllTheWeb as a test bed for new search technologies and features.

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Alt Attribute

An Alt Attribute (or Alt Tag) is a way for you to give descriptions to your site’s images. Search engines aren’t able to look at an image and tell what it is about. Therefore, it is very important that you provide descriptions within the Alt Attribute so that they can scan, index, and rank your image accordingly.
To a search engine webcrawler and image represents a blank space on the canvas of a website. So by giving each image a description, you provide search engines with a frame of reference to understand what each image on your site is about.

In addition, Alt Tags are necessary from a usability perspective. Blind people (and people with other disabilities) are not able to easily distinguish what is in an image. Using an image alt attribute allows you to help screen readers and search engines understand the function of an image by providing a text equivalent for the object.

Example of an Alt Attribute:

<img src=””http://www.example.com/images/picture2.jpg”” alt=”””Pretty”” width=””50″” height=””50″” />

See also:

W3C Alt Attribute

Alt tags

Alt tags alternate text associated with a web page graphic that gets displayed when the Internet user hovers the mouse over the graphic. Alt tags should convey what the graphic is for or about and contain good relevant keywords. Alt tags also make web pages more accessible to the disabled. For example, a vision-impaired user may have a web browser that reads aloud the text and alt tags on a page. (For those familiar with HTML, “alt” isn’t actually a tag by itself but an attribute to the “img” tag.). Note that the value of Alt tags for SEO have been discounted over time by the search engines to the point that now it is of minimal value.


Search engine bought out by Overture (although Overture was later bought by Yahoo). AltaVista was an early powerhouse in searching, but on October 25, 1999 they did a major algorithmic upgrade which caused them to dump many websites. Ultimately the upgrade and brand mismanagement drove themselves toward irrelevant class and they loss market and mind share.

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Amazon.com is the largest internet retailing website. Amazon.com is rich in consumer generated media. Amazon also owns a number of other popular websites, including IMDB and Alexa.

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Anchor text

The text that a user clicks on when following a hyperlink. Quality anchor text within inbound links can carry tons of SEO value back to your site. Search engines assume that your page is authoritative for the words that people include in links pointing at your site. When links occur naturally they typically have a wide array of anchor text combinations.

Example of anchor text:

<a href=”http://www.example.com/”>World’s Best Gardening Tips Blog</a>

Beware: Too much similar anchor text may be a considered a sign of manipulation, and thus discounted or filtered. Make sure when you are building links that you control that you try to mix up your anchor text. Outside of your core brand terms if you are targeting Google, you probably do not want any more than 10% to 20% of your anchor text to be the same.

Note: In the case the link is an image, the image alt attribute may act in the place of anchor text

Animated Ad

An ad with movement, often an interactive Java applet or Shockwave or GIF89a file.

Announce site to search engines

“Announce” a website to the engines by adding a link to it from another site; that is, one that’s already indexed (by the search engines).

Beware! Search engine submission services which promise higher visibility in the SERPS are total a rip-off.


See Submitting Definition

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