SEO 101: Video Marketing Strategy

Most of us keep on hearing about how video marketing is such an attracting medium and a great way to reach audiences. Online video marketing is the new trend in online marketing. To attain high ranking today, your sites need to have lots of rich media content pieces that are well-structured. But how will online video marketing improve your SEO?

Considering an online video campaign can boost the search rankings and SEO performance of your site.  Some online marketers and companies succeed with online video marketing. Furthermore, a well- structured video can be great in promoting your business and you ought to consider the following statistics: websites with video content hold visitors stay on pages for much longer; video connects with your audience in a new perspective compared to plain- text competitors; and lastly it increases rankings on search results.

Nonetheless, if you want to have a higher ranking, consider investing the required resources and time into making video marketing strategy.

Unfortunately there are online marketers who failed in making a well – structured video, because of lack of strategies that didn’t go well with their online video marketing. Hence, if you’re still searching for the right strategies here are some guides that you might want to consider.

Step 1; Consider Your Campaign Goals – making a video is not just with a snap of your fingers, make a thorough study on how you can reach  your customer’s needs, make sure that your videos are informative, relevant to your business.

Step 2; Focus on Creating Valuable Content – produce your video content with purpose, your video should capture your audience interest and it should not be too long.

Step 3; Deploy Videos in Accordance with Accepted SEO Practices – lastly, before you launch your video don’t forget the SEO practices that should be added to your video and these are the following:

Include relevant keywords in your video tags- optimize your video with vital keywords or key phrases.

Add relevant keywords to summary and tag fields- optimize your video’s description with applicable keywords and consider a keyword rich of description of your video to permit search engines to index higher rank.

Post close captioning scripts to video sharing services- create an automated captioning script for your videos that can be used by visually impaired audiences.

Encourage user interactions – use your video as a portal to other content of your website, and consider providing back links related to your content on your site.

Video optimization can be the best way for you to expose your business to audiences who may not be familiar with your business, services, brands or services. Furthermore, it is the best way to entertain, engage and promote that will get results on search engines.

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