New malware Disguises itself as Trend Micro Component, Installs Bitcoin Miner to Make Money

This explains how a newly discovered malware variant is trying to trick users that it is not a threat by passing itself off as a component of Trend Micro, a security firm that sells security solutions. Furthermore, the Trojan drops a Bitcoin miner application to make the malware author money.

Enumerates the use of Bitcoin Miner make money like so: When the user executes the Trojan, it creates the process svchost.exe (the same name as the Windows processes for services, a further attempt to hide itself) to download a second malicious component package,  Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, currently the most-widely used alternative to common forms of money (total market cap at over $100 million), Bitcoin mining nodes are responsible for managing the Bitcoin network; Bitcoins are awarded to nodes known as miners for the solution to a difficult proof-of-work problem,

The point of Bitcoin-mining malware is to use a computer’s resources to, without the user’s knowledge, mine Bitcoins. It concludes that,  To avoid becoming victim to this scheme, users must be extra-cautious when downloading applications, files found on the internet. Better yet, refrain from visiting unknown websites and clicking ads or shortened URLs contained in email messages from unverified sources.

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