Local Police Post Mugshots on Pinterest, Leading To a 57% Boost in Arrests

Explains that Pinterest isn’t just about pinning the stuff you like any more: users are now posting mugshots and helping find the police catch crooks. The new trend began when a crime reporter at The Mercury in Pottstown started a “Wanted by Police” gallery. The results have been astounding.  Gives details on how Local Police post mugshots helps Police department and here are the following: people called in to say they had seen their own mugshot online and have asked to turn themselves in to authorities,  the tool was noticed by police in Philadelphia, who were already solving crimes with social media and has as a result started using Pinterest in the same way. It concludes that, it’s really part of a bigger one where social networks are encroaching into all walks of life, from consumers to businesses, as well as from criminals to police officers. Read more of the article here.

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