How to Load Social Widgets Conditionally to Improve your Site’s Performance

Social media has become a great platform for sharing information with a great audience and spreading word around. Having social sharing widgets on your site makes it easier for visitors to share content. The number of people accessing the internet has risen over the years with a substantial number of these people accessing the internet through mobile devices. Statistics have it that 1 in every 4 people have a mobile phone, so you can just imagine how much traffic to your site comes from mobile devices.


It is for this reason that site owners should try and improve their site performance by loading social widgets conditionally. What we mean by this is, adding Facebook “Like” button or Twitter widgets makes your your site heavy especially when accessing through a mobile device. Instead, you could have a system wide sharing menu that has all your social widgets making your page load speed faster and eliminating having many tiny social widgets. Page load speeds have become a determining factor in google search rankings so it has become necessary to make your page as light as possible.

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