Keeping Abreast of Google Panda’s Requisites Come 2013

Search Engine Optimization, even if repudiated by most professionals, will remain to be a top priority. Regardless of what comprises the content, it must be first checked and indexed on top of SERP’s before publishing it for public consumption. Failure to pass Google’s requirements and demands for quality content will not serve the goal of advertising online. SEO techniques for the coming year with regards to content will be very strict and clear. Black hat SEO will no longer be beneficial for webmasters come 2013.

Google Panda has succeeded in beating and imposing fines and actions to mal-practitioners in SEO, which had caused several variations in page rankings. Sites are now being obliged to have quality content and when they do blog posting, strict compliance with Google’s guidelines is necessary.

Google Panda is now more effective in checking your contents and does not favor the following:

  • Posting duplicate contents
  • Excessive use of keywords and phrases
  • Publishing as a ghost provider from admin panel
  • Irregular updates
  • Use of several pages with similar contents and almost the same keywords
  • Buying links or creating unusual links

Google Panda in 2013 will favor the use of infographics, which is a more unique and presentable technique of promoting products and services. Google Panda update is chiefly based on reader’s liking. The more number of clicks and the longer readers stay in your pages, the higher Panda ranks become.

The addition of artificial acumen to search engines, the masters have made them more human. SEO users who are previously successful in fooling search engine bots will no longer benefit and conversely, those who post really good contents, try to help some and address the issues particularly will enjoy the full benefits of SEO based on Google Panda update in the coming year.


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