International SEO Core Considerations

Search engine optimization might seem simple when you are looking at one specific region, but when you are looking at SEO from an international level it becomes a different ball game. Like in different regions its only right to say you should expect different demographics for SEO strategies. SEO professionals should have some core factors that help gain traction internationally in mind when taking on a task. We take a look at these key factors and how much of a consideration they should put forefront.

Understand the Environment

They say in Rome do as the Romans do, which is difficult to know when in fact your are in Canada. This geographical difference puts one at a disadvantage because you are up against established forces. All in all its just a disadvantage doesn’t kick you out of the race.


Which domain you are using and where its hosted is another factor any SEO professional should keep in mind. You have more traction where you are hosted for the simple fact that people associate more with local domains.


Going global is an action that is totally doable but its not for the faint hearted. Choosing whether to use country-based TDLs or using a single website depends more on your situation than your pockets. If you are doing well selling key chains in your country and want to expand abroad it is more likely for you to maintain a single site. With physical business location all around the world it would be business savvy to host in the target nation.

Google Properties

If you have physical presences in a country it helps to list it in Google places helps you. Listing your company in countries you are expanding to and connecting to your site if it is one specific to that region or to a page within the site, that helps.


The links a site gets say from a domain in Germany with the a .ge link, Google derives from that. This is an important consideration if at all you were to get better SEO rankings, the functionality so as to get links derived from the same region.

Language and Definitions

Nothing kills a site than one that you don’t understand the language used, clearly you won’t stick around there for long. The reason for hosting different sites in different regions is to get the message across in the said regions. Those loosely translated sites are even more irritating to consumers, get a copywriter who understands the target language.

All in all, plans sound all good until you get down to the financing. Stay on your lane! Work with what you have got.

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