How to Handle Customers Who Get Mean on Social Media

Social media has taken over how as to what people do on-line these days. While it may be possible to find someone who does not know what Facebook is, it is highly unlikely to happen in this planet. With an astounding 1 billion active users in the world, more and more businesses are putting up profiles on social media as a way of marketing and making it easier for customers to reach them. Naturally, it is given, running into disgruntled customers who find fault in your product or service is a possibility. Hey, you can’t please everybody all the time right! Social media platforms give customers the perfect opportunity to vent out their frustrations in a way that will capture the eyes of a brand, at least those who are using social media anyway.

Dealing with such customers in such a way as to make a light situation out of what could possibly be nasty is what we are trying to figure out. Getting a positive outcome from this is what we are talking about here and these four tips could help :-


  • Give quick responses – Nobody likes being kept wait especially someone who has been wronged. Do your best to respond hastily to these customers, it makes them know you are concerned about them and looking for a solution.
  • Work hard for a positive outcome – Try and find a solution that will satisfy the customer. Exhaust all avenues you can use to give you a happy customer.
  • Make a personal connection – Don’t just reply to posts or tweets without using a name and mentioning the customer’s name too, this makes the customer know they are dealing with someone and not just an auto-responder.
  • Go offline – Your argument doesn’t need to be seen by everybody, you take it to personal messages from the initial contact. These bursts of rage can get messy it would work like a double edged sword, customer will get that personal attention they need and you save the brands image from slander to the public.

One important thing to remember when dealing with a mean customer is, don’t get mad! Keep your cool.

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