Google’s Algorithm update Hummingbird

Over the past fortnight I have heard an awful lot about Hummingbird. How it is going to destroy many businesses and wreck the free flowing search ability of Google users.

This is beginning to puzzle me greatly as nothing about Hummingbird has anything to do with destroying a company’s website.

In fact, it is more about heralding a better search experience for users.

So What is Hummingbird?

What Google is trying to do is create a more “easy flowing” experience for those searching online.

Really to carry on where they have started, in my opinion, with predictive text and searches and look for whole sites that can help to satisfy a user’s needs as opposed to single keyword searches. Look how Google Glass and the general Big Data move in search tech to see how it is possible to help users find out exactly what is best for them based on their prior searches, history, social media etc.

Google is just looking to make sure that sites that come to fruition for a searcher are targeted to these general trends as well as the keywords being typed. Expect Google to encourage more longer tailed phrasing in its searches to offer as detailed a search result as possible.

Quite how they are looking at an entire site per search at one hand, yet telling us that it is looking at unique web pages on a site through its Panda update this year is still something that puzzles me.