Google Warns SEO & Businesses to Avoid Fake Reviews

Google is on to spammers again warning businesses against fake positive reviews that will be taken down. Google shared some advice telling SEO professionals, reviewers and business owners on how they can avoid their reviews from being deleted. Reviewers should:-

  • write reviews of one specific location if a business has more than one
  • Not write reviews for a company they currently work for
  • Not include links in text reviews

When talking about comment cards and digitizing them to post as reviews, Google says “if a business accepts paper comment cards it might be tempting to collect them and ‘digitize’ them by posting the reviews on Google+ Local,” adding that “We ask that all reviews come from first hand experience and do not allow posting reviews on behalf of others.”

This may not go down well with many who ran small businesses that rely heavily on paper comments may lose out on winning more clients. One such concern came from one in the old homes business saying that chiropractors collect reviews by comment cards. “These old patients are NOT going to learn how to use Google reviews to post a review, none of them have ever heard of Yelp and no one is going to tell them to “get with the program” just so they can leave a review online.”

Also advising companies against requesting customers to write reviews on computers or tabs that are on the premises, Google have hit the ground running on spammers. Talking about negative reviews, Google advised that companies should take time to respond to them stressing the point that they don’t take down negative reviews unless they infringe Google guidelines.

Anything to cut down on spam is welcome i guess!