Google Mobile First Workshop

This web page is for the Google Mobile First workshop being ran on the 18th of November 2016

This workshop is to help Business owners Identify what changes they need to make on their website.

All the content on this is page is to assist the participants identify the issue on their site along with the workbook and information given on the day

Test one do you have a mobile site?

Test 2 Drag the side of the browser to make the screen smaller


If the screen changes to to your mobile version then you a responsive or dynamic coding.


If the screen keeps displaying the same version with scroll bars then you need to get assistance in making the change to Mobile First Indexing

Test 3 Fetch as Google

Login into Google Search Console

2. Click on the domain you wish to test

3. Click on CRAWL

4. Click on Fetch as Google

5. Click on Fetch and Render as Desktop

6. Click on Fetch and Render as Mobile: Smartphone

Now Click on Both Versions and ensure that all you content and menus are seen by google

Test 4 Structured Data Testing


If you can see the different elements and you information is showing all is good

Make sure their are no errors


If you have no data or incorrect data then you need to fix the content

If you have Errors or Warnings showing then these need to be fixed.