Why Google Couldn’t Care Less about Your Website

This explains why Google couldn’t care less about your brand newly designed website for Chihuahua costumes, or the thousands of dollars you’ve paid you’re development team to design an app for rating widgets. It’s no secret that Google has completely overhauled its business, and gone from supporting the grass roots guys, to the multi-million and billion dollar companies. Gives tips on how to compete and here are the following: make sure your website is well optimized, fast loading, the code is clean, there’s enough text on your homepage for visitors to understand what your site is about, that the usability on your site is clear, that you have some high quality links pointing at different pages on your site and your social media channels are active. It concludes start looking at ways you can achieve higher rankings for Bing, and also list your products on broad sites that Google continues to promote such as Amazon, eBay etc. Leverage social media sites for driving actions and making sales, also use niche community sites and forums and make sure you’re doing offline networking as well as online.