Google, Bing, and Yahoo – Top Players in the Search Field

Webmasters and SEO professionals are very compliant with search engine’s guidelines so as get a much higher ranking. Paid search advertisers spend cash only to be featured on search engines, and users turn to them when they are in search of answers, data, or sometimes even for fun and entertainment.


Search Engine Watch has been working for search engines for over a decade now and has monitored the business change to its present status. Through the years, most search engines have succeeded and failed, as users have spoken through the use of their keyboards and voice search technology.


Lately, search market share has remained nearly unchanged. The top 3 best search engines are Google followed by Bing and Yahoo.


Google began in 1998 as a university project by brilliant students of Stanford University namely Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Currently, it is regarded as the dominant search engine by no small margin and that did not grow slowly. Actually, in 1999 Netscape Search was improved and AOL/Netscape search started to be powered by Google offering their search volume to around 3M daily.


The continuous strength of Google as a search provider is based on several factors. It continuous to tweak their search algorithm several times every month and change the layout of their results to tests for enhanced guest experience and promotion revenue. Most revenue came from their AdWords and AdSense programs.


Bing was introduced in May 2009 as an important upgrade from Microsoft’s past efforts into search. After its introduction, Microsoft’s share of the search marketplace has greatly increased. Also, the deal between Yahoo and Microsoft for Bing to strengthen Yahoo’s organic results and Bing powers more than 25% of search.


With the alliance of Yahoo and Microsoft also came the affect that Yahoo’s paid search platform would be used to improve both search engines’ paid results.


Yahoo is a thrilling search engine and one that up to now had a very hard time taking seriously. Yahoo was once a major leader in the search field but had failed after making bad decisions, announcing layoff round after layoff round and making what can just be described as one of the worst business decisions in the past when they turned down a takeover from Microsoft valued at few dollars per share. It was just a few months ago when it was announced that Marissa Meyer from Google was appointed to be the next CEO of Yahoo. With this change, the company is expected to rise once more and hit big in the coming years.