The Fortunate Life Of The SEO EXpert

By Liz Leask

Almost everyone, as soon as they reach adulthood, have to work to earn a living no matter whether the employment involves working for themselves or working for a boss.

This applies to the majority of the world population, that is unless they have been born into wealth, but even then most people actually prefer to keep busy even if they have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

During a year most people are at their place of work except for about four to six weeks when they have a holiday usually about three to four weeks in the middle of summer and a week at Easter and Christmas. For the rest of the year they have very little freedom or choice of what they do for between thirty five and forty hours each week when they must work.

There are some people who are fortunate to have a special talent which enables them to work fewer hours yearly than the average human being. Sports people belong to this group with footballers, for example, only appearing to their public a couple of hours each week for a few months of the year, but admiteldy they have to train at some other times, but never the less they have much more free time than most.

The same is true for most other people engaged in professional sports such as boxers, rowers, rally drivers, runners, etc. etc., All of whom do not appear to work all that long.

Entertainets, including comedians, singers and actors rarely work in the way normal members of the public do, but many of them can make vast fortunes for working a relatively short time.

Howvever all of the above category of workers are similar to more run of the mill people who work in offices, shops, hotels, and so on, in that they are required to be at a certain place of work for specifific period of time, and the have no choice regarding this.

One profession that is very lucky is regards the location for their work are web design and search engine optimization specialists who are as long as they have total access to a telephone and computer can work and live absolutely anywhere.

It is surprising how many people in the UK think that they are dealing with a web design and SEO company in their own country when in fact the website optimization company is in Spain, Italy, America or even further afield.

This does not mean that the customer does not receive the same high level of web design and SEO that he expects and deserves. It is only due to the fact that the search engine optimization expert can perform an equally good job no matter where he or she is in the world as long as they have the facilities to perform their work and to communicate easily by phone or web cam with their client.

Therefor a website service expert who can do so much to increase a customer’s client base and place there business at a much better and profitable level also has the ability to make his or her own life much more enjoyable as well.

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