The Effect of Google Algorithm Updates on Article Marketing

By Peter Nisbet

In spite of recent Google algorithms or updates, writing articles is alive and kicking. Article marketing will survive no matter how many critics decry it and even the maligned Google Disavow Links tool can be used positively to improve your rankings.

I use very little other than article marketing to promote my websites, yet they figure prominently in the Google rankings and provide me with a fair amount of traffic. By now, most people should understand that Panda deals with poor and spammy backlink sources and Penguin is all about multiple linking sources, anchor text and keyword spamming within Web content.

The Disavow Links Tool

The Disavow Links tool is new, but looks pretty innocuous, even though it could, conceivably, be used by your competitors to ruin your backlink sources – until these sources find a way to bite back that is. Its function is to allow you to inform Google of the backlinks to your websites or blogs you want ignored and skipped by the indexing and ranking algorithm. You will lose any Google PageRank
points from disavowed links but, once disavowed, they cannot do you harm.

Google still gives good relevance and scoring backlinks to articles accepted by free article directories such as Ezine Articles and Go Articles. There is a tendency for paid directories to be more liberal in the quality of articles they publish, but the majority still applies a good degree of editorial qualification.

Google Penguin Update

Where the Google Penguin update has been particularly active is in down-listing, or even dropping, web pages receiving significant backlinks from poorly written articles. (I originally mistyped that as ‘poopy’ but that would not be far off the mark!). It is important to have backlinks from web pages, such as article directories or other websites, that are of good quality and offer good information.

The days are gone when you could go to an online freelance site and pay $2 for a 500-word article written by someone whose native language is not English and get it listed by Google. Such writers are no doubt the tops in their own countries, but Google has finally clamped down on poorly written content, with errors in grammar and sentence construction. Penguin has seen to that, while Panda ferreted out links from sites that accept any old standard of content.

Article Directories and Google Panda

Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Rich – in fact most article directories – are acceptable. If you are not sure, check out a few articles written on your niche that a particular directory has published and check its grammar and its accuracy. The same is true for PDF directories and some minor social networking sites.

That’s Panda. Penguin settles for targeting multiple anchor tests, links to the same page on your website and a lack of variety in the type of sources for your backlinks. Panda targets publication quality, Penguin links quality. The Disavow Tool is for you to remove links from bad sites that might adversely affect your listings.

Fundamentally, article marketing still works well, and writing articles is still a great way to promote your websites and products. However, make sure you know what you are doing and write high quality articles. Google algorithms are mathematical statistical formulae and cannot hear your explanations for your failings.

When using article marketing techniques to promote your website, it is important that you understand the Google algorithms that can affect your ranking. Check out Peter Nisbet’s site on

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