Blogging Wisely – Start Your Pledge Now

Blogging has its own struggles as a social media, content advertising activity, and SEO. But it cannot be denied that blogging will be very important to three main areas come 2013.

Several reasons can be derived by blogging serves as important role today and in the coming years. First is that blogs are a reliable constant amidst all the uncertainties in the SEO industry. Google is making it difficult for SEOs and publishers to get and use links. It is important to know the difference between a good and a bad link. Google Analytics no longer reveals keyword data from logged-in users, making it less helpful in assessing the effectiveness and future technique of an SEO program. Also, search is not anymore monolithic. After a command, SERPS are usually standard, personalized, or limited to specific kinds of content like video and news.

Second, all roads lead to blogs. It is difficult to have an SEO program without a powerful content advertising component. Effective social media program is not possible if there will be no strong SEO component. And obviously, no effective content advertising technique can be establish without good SEO and social strategies supporting it.


Why Use Blogs?

Blogs are very much effective in revealing a company’s personal side; a thing that clients would always want to see. They likewise advertise engagement in a controlled setting. Businessmen who make use of social media are socially aware. They are perhaps more interested in viewing a company’s blog rather than its product listing. Companies without blogs somewhat compromise their status of credibility.


Blogging Wisely in 2013

Bloggers must concentrate on research, writing, and outreach. It is no longer acceptable to just think about your company blog; it is necessary to establish good relationships for guest posting and begin bringing in competent bloggers to work for you.

It is necessary for bloggers to familiarize themselves with the processes involved in optimizing SEO keywords, as well as the proper use of links. It is best to know the bigger advertising goals of groups, particularly when it comes to brand positioning and messaging.

Groups that are serious about advertising must always be proactive. They must hire competent and staff.

The last and most important point is to improve your game, in every possible way, amidst all the challenges.


Live Chat Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online shopping can at times be a stressful experience. For instance, being undecided about what size jumper to get or whether your items will arrive in time. E-commerce businesses need to ensure they are optimising their site to make their shopping experience quick and efficient for all users. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use a live chat tool. Read on for why you should be using it.

Why Use Live Chat?

Live chat is a rather new service that websites are using, but businesses have realised how effective it is and are using it more often. Communication with customers is key to making a sale. If anything on your site is confusing or missing users won’t go through with the sale. Whereas if they can chat with a person in real-time there’s more chance they’ll find out all they need to know and buy the product.

Live Chat Is The Equivalent Of A Sales Executive

When customers buy online they are usually in the comfort of their home, in front of the telly or whilst lying in bed. They haven’t got the chance to ask any questions they may have about the brand to staff members, or get their professional opinion. This doesn’t apply to all products, but at times it helps when there is the option to ask a sales executive for more information.

Live Chat: The Solution Providing customers with a live tool function solves this problem. It provides businesses with the opportunity to offer their services and knowledge to customers. Not all users will use the live chat tool; however those that do will feel more comfortable buying from you.

Respond To Queries In Real-Time

There are numerous ways customers can contact businesses these days – either by email, telephone or through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. However these are not the most efficient ways of getting answers. If a customer is half way through a checkout process, it is unlikely that they will stop what they are doing to ask a question either on Twitter or by email as they may not get an immediate response.

Avoid Delays Having a live chat tool will make all businesses respond to their customers in real-time. That way there are no delays whilst customers wait for businesses to respond. And once the query has been answered, customers are more likely to continue the checkout process and buy the product.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is now the number 1 web hosting system in the world. Why use WordPress? Here are some of the reasons why we are fans.

WordPress is FREE

WordPress is absolutely free and so are the themes and plugins. Most of the extensions and add-ons come with optional paid upgrades or a donate option but there is more than enough free material to tailor to your website and your business branding.


What other platforms charge for, WordPress freelance and official designers and programmers work on and provide for free. So if you want a plugin to add a shopping cart, optimize your SEO, link you to Twitter, block Spammer’s comments or provide statistics on who is visiting your site, you just search the keywords in plugin, download and activate and WordPress does the rest. Plugins are really intuitive and work around your site and design; they will blend into your layout or will take explicit permission from you before they change anything.

THEMES for business or pleasure

WordPress contains thousands of themes that are made to thousands of different specifications and they nearly all can be easily modified. So if you are creating a business website, you can match a free theme to your business colours and layout with little hassle and without it looking like any other site.


For those businesses or internet users who know their way around Word and Facebook but don’t know how to write website code or change fonts or styles on their sites, WordPress is fantastic. WordPress is extremely easy to use and manipulate, whether you are a first time user or an expert. WordPress offers a Visual rather than HTML box to write your articles or blogs.

This Visual Box has straightforward picture icons that you simply click on to insert photos, video, media, links or change the format and WordPress adapts your site accordingly, without you having to learn web code every time just to put your title in bold. Another benefit is that once you have written and uploaded your site in Visual, you can read it in the HTML box from your dashboard and see how the code is written.

Therefore you can learn the web code and how WordPress is working as you go along, so if a link or site breaks down, you will know what to look out for in the code.


WordPress adheres strictly to the rules of Web Standards, which is great because it means your site will always be on the safe lists of Google and anything that you may accidentally upload that doesn’t comply will be flagged by WordPress. It also gives WordPress a very good reputation and this in turn reflects on its users.


What would be the point of creating a brilliant website that shows you off to the very best advantage if no-one ever saw it? The WordPress platform is designed to be SEO enabled. You can tweak and improve these as you go, but even without adjustments the permalinks and simple layouts make it easy for Search Engines to find your site.

WordPress has great SUPPORT

The Dashboard links to WordPress Forums, Help and Support are an excellent source of tips and advice about how to improve your site and solve any issues you may experience. Even better than this though; because WordPress is so universal now, if you have a problem with your site, you can just type your problem into Google with the word WordPress and you have a good chance of finding a discussion forum or article on how to solve your problem.

WordPress UPGRADES with you

The Dashboard and the CSS Sheets and PHP or HTML formats of the Themes all contribute to a slick looking website. The added advantage is that because your website is packaged separately through the Dashboard; i.e Media, Pages, Links, Themes, Plugins then you can make alterations without doing a major overhaul on your website.

Say you made a website for your business when you were first starting out and knew little or nothing about web design. You expanded it organically as you learned more. Now you are quite confident and want to give your site a new facelift with a new theme and everything. WordPress stores your Pages and Posts and Media and Links separately so you can rejuvenate your site without having to re-write all your material because WordPress automatically transfers your information to the new theme.

So as your online business grows, your website grows with you. WordPress will tell you when it has a platform upgrade, invite you to save everything and then complete the upgrade without disturbing a single comma or full stop on your site.

In conclusion, we love WordPress because it works well for the website owners and helps you create pleasing sites for your customer s and you can use it to your advantage whether you are a beginner or seasoned expert.