LinkedIn Acquires Pulse Newsreader for $90 Million

LinkedIn a social network site for professionals confirmed their acquisition of a newsreading app, Pulse. A buy that might have many wondering just what next for the newsreading app. Seeing as how LinkedIn has been leaning more – investment wise – on the content they are offering their users, it sheds some light on this acquisition. Late 2012, LinkedIn introduced LinkedIn Influencers, a tool that helps users locate and follow celebrities, business leaders, basically, influential people. All this to enlist well known business people to contribute original content to the site.


Pulse looks to add to LinkedIn providing business related news to keep users informed of what’s happening. Though nothing concrete has been said of how the two companies will work together, Pulse says its app will not change for the moment. “We’re still working together on the product you love, and will continue to provide an innovative and visual news reading experience,” Pulse’s co-founders said. In a deal that is approximated to have cost LinkedIn $90 million, we are sure to have guide to how this integration will work soon.


In just three years of its existence, Pulse has a formidable base of 30 million users and a network of over 750 publishers should be reason enough to justify the $90 million.


Technology is growing ever so fast and finding out what tomorrow holds is anyone’s guess. Innovative measures to make life easier is all the rage now with consumers having to pick from whatever works for them. Google is no stranger to technology and innovation, being one of the largest web search engines in the world, its easy to see why. Google’s new technology – Google Glass – which is basically a small computer built into a pair of glasses. This pair of glasses allows users to take pictures, videos, get directions and so on all through a head mounted display.


Google Glass presents opportunity for tech startups to create apps for this wearable computer. Google ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers have come together to encourage entrepreneurs to build apps for Google Glass by offering funding for such businesses. Perfect time to jump on the bandwagon to be part of something that in the near future.


Like with everything new, it will take some time for Google Glass to be widely used and this has been noted by Margit Wennmachers, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz. This gadget though in its infancy, it will be something worth watching out for.


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Google Warns of Major Penguin Update For 2013

It’s no secret, Google has been working on trying to make user experience more enjoyable and safer for users who frequently use their products. With everything they have been doing to get to their goal Google has been looking into ways of cutting unreliability in content provided. With major changes in the way search engines rank sites, strategies too have got to change. Matt Cutts, Head of Web Spam for Google, warns of a major Penguin algorithm update that he believes will be one of the most talked about updates of the year.


Low quality links are no longer a friend to SEO as was previously, Cutts pointed out on this saying more and more sites were been penalised for such. This is bound to hit heavy on retailers who profit out of unreliable link-building strategies. Trying to reach their goal of giving quality content to their users, Google have really nipped this one in the bud and are sure to cut down on suspect content.


This Penguin update will surely be something many adamant Google users will be waiting eagerly to see. In addition to this, Cutts also talked about a new Panda update coming out in a weeks time.

Google updates its Android Search app, bringing a Google Now widget to your home and lock screens

Google has updated its search application for Android which sees it provide users with fresh data. Search on Google Now will see users get moving ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and real estate info from Zillow which updates you on listings from user’s databases. And that’s not it, for sports fanatics, the app includes a sports search which Google calls “support for US college sports”.

For Android users, this update should be of great benefit. Customizing the app to appear on your Home and lock screen is also something worth mentioning about. Google goes to great lengths to become the number one location for all mobile searches. Here is a the reason to ride on this fact; Google actually pay Apple $1 billion a year to be its search provider. A bold move that spells out just how much being the number one search provider on Android means.

If you are thinking of getting this app just go to Google Play.