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Killer SEO Landing Page Tips

Landing pages should be the Ying to your Yang – you know, something you can’t live without. It’s the invitation card to your site of which you make a poor presentation and you won’t get that many viewers which would be bad for SEO. There are a couple of things to accomplish on landing pages […]

International SEO Core Considerations

Search engine optimization might seem simple when you are looking at one specific region, but when you are looking at SEO from an international level it becomes a different ball game. Like in different regions its only right to say you should expect different demographics for SEO strategies. SEO professionals should have some core factors […]

Why Every Business Should Have a Responsive Web Design

In years past the way to take a business seriously was the presence of a physical address. Business has changed a lot since, now all we have to do is ‘Google’ your business and we get a gist of what your business is all about. This has made one of the more fundamental requirements of […]

3 things you should do on Facebook before any trip

Facebook has got to be the biggest thing to happen to the internet since Google. With over 1 billion active users across the globe, there is no doubt Facebook is the best place to connect and share with long lost friends. As you connect with friends you also want to share what is happening in […]

5 common mistakes with rel=canonical

If web pages could just understand what you would want them to do and search engines would just understand what you mean. Paradise huh! Well, if wishes were horses – let me be the optimist that i am and give you the good news. There is a way you can help search engines index your […]