Author Rank, Popularity, Authority, Social, Ranking? What’s the Tie?

Back linking is a sure way of telling a site’s popularity but does this give us credibility to others viewing our content? Have you ever got mail from an anonymous person with a link to picture or site telling you how funny the picture is or what life changing scheme you could find on that site? The reality is these tactics do generate a large amount of traffic increasing the site’s popularity and in some cases getting images going viral. There seems to be a new metrics for measuring popularity taking on which is authority.

The reliable attribution was the first step Google took with rel=”author” tag which was not verification foolproof. Google made it simpler by coming up with Google Authorship which only required users to have an email with the domain they were claiming content to that would be linked to their  Google+ accounts. A genius way to eliminate duplicate content and enhance search quality experience. A benefit many will agree will have a great impact on SERP’s giving more precise information.

At the moment, data for search queries done on various terms could bring any number of results which may be hard to verify. Authority will see a little bit more of reliability in ranking. Don’t get it wrong, links still play a vital role in setting trends and passing popularity from page to page but we might get to see more and more non-linking citations take the lead.

If Authority ranking is making any sense then jumping on the bandwagon would be the logical thing to do. However, quality of your on-line content should be worth reading about.