Best Affiliate Marketing Programs – Choosing Which Affiliate Products To Promote

By Adam S Harding

As an affiliate marketer there are lots of affiliate programs to choose from. But it can be hard to decide where to send your hard earned traffic to get the maximum possible return on investment.

In this article we will look at a number of key points the best affiliate programs should include in order for them to be worth your while:

Lifetime Cookie Tracking – When you promote a typical Clickbank product what happens is that you get paid a commission for an initial low ticket item. But then the product vendor is building a buyers list and will now promote high ticket products to those buyers and cash-in big time and you won’t see any more payments for that. But some affiliate marketing programs will actually give you credit for any sales made on the backend. So if a high ticket live training seminar product is sold in 6 months time then you will get credit for that.

Marketing Material – Look at the affiliate section and see what material the vendor gives you to work with. Look out for a list of high converting keywords, banner ads, and swipe email copy to help get you off to the quickest possible start. The best affiliate programs for beginners will also give you some training within their affiliate area for how to drive traffic to the offer.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs – Programs that really do work best will let you sell high ticket products as part of the overall sales funnel. For example, with most affiliate products you will sell a low ticket item and make a small commission and then the vendor will sell their own high ticket items to that customer on the backend and you won’t see any of that. But if you join a program that gives you lifetime cookie tracking as part of their sales funnel then you will get credited for all high ticket backend sales.

High Converting Offer – Obviously you will want to send your traffic to an offer that will convert visitors into sales. Make sure the product vendors understand how to market online and have produced a compelling sales page or sales video presentation to get the maximum conversions. Also look to see if they have any tracking and testing stats as proof that good conversions have been recorded by other marketers as well as from the vendor’s own internal testing. Usually the product owner will test their offer out with a number of paid advertising campaigns to ensure that the optimal conversion ratio is reached. Sales video presentations in particular convert very well nowadays.

For a list of the high ticket affiliate products, check out the latest updates by

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