3 Pitfalls of Enterprise SEO and How to Avoid Them

Enterprises usually need a lot of consultation before an idea is put in place and rightfully so because one move may affect everybody. Handling SEO for enterprises comes with what some smaller entities fight to have through optimization. Enterprises have loads of content, huge bank rolls to finance both on and offline marketing strategies and in fact are able to get links naturally. You may ask yourself where are the pitfalls in that, well, three anyway.

SEO isn’t always made a priority – As said above, most of what SEO is supposed to do for your business has already been achieved by enterprises almost effortlessly. Going to the boardroom to discuss SEO is difficult seeing as its effects are already been seen.

Lack of awareness and understanding – The logistics taken to run an enterprise are huge thus the different departments set to make sure everyone is heading the same way. Now, certain departments may not see certain ideologies are some and this brings strife. A change in design could enhance the site but could harm SEO, pulling down written content which works for SEO and replacing with images that does more for design than it does SEO.

Lack of collaboration due to tunnel vision – With the different departments handling different aspects of a company it is not weird for people to be stacked up deep in work. Each department is busy trying to reach their targets only visioning the end goal as a department and missing the overall business goal.

Is there any “save” from these pitfalls? Yes there is; communication. Having open lines of communication and using them constantly. In a wider scope of the matter, when everyone knows what SEO is all about and what they can do to influence optimization, it creates for a more peaceful work environment. Some training may need to be done but that is just a drop of water to the large volumes of what optimization can do for you.

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