25 Google Nexus 4 Tips

It gives details on Google’s latest Nexus phone may  be as hard to obtain as the Holy Grail at present, but that hasn’t stopped  from getting  hands on one and testing it to destruction. It gives 25 handy hints, which will enable you to get the most out of your bargain of a quad-core monster: Trace to type, Take a screenshot, Share things instantly with Android Beam, Access Quick Settings even more quickly, Take a 360-degree images with Photo Sphere,  Lock screen widgets, Secure your phone with Face Unlock, Type using your voice, Monitor your battery life, Charge your Nexus 4 without wires,  Get traffic reports with Google Now, Make your screen smarter,  Automatically back up all of your treasured photos, Expand and collapse notifications, Tidy up your home screens, Silence your phone fast, Access your music from the cloud, View your Google Play library from your home screen, Sync your bookmarks with Google Chrome, Put your Nexus 4 into a Daydream, Monitor your data usage,  Power control, Add phonetic names to contacts to make voice dialing easier, Prolong your battery by enabling auto-brightness, Set applications to auto update. It concludes on how it was perfectly positioned to provide you with a quarter-century of indispensable Google Nexus 4 tips.




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