Freeing Analytic’s from Your Digital Agency’s Closet

It is simple for one to take analytics at face value and brush it off up  until you get to understand just how important it is. Digital agencies can pull a lot out of what analytics has to offer but regularly is ignored. Analytic data mostly is passed on in a way it doesn’t stick out – in numbers. I regularly get those funny inboxes “someone is spreading really bad rumors about you, click here to see what people are saying” and i would quickly click to see what people were saying till i got the gist of the ploy. But the way the information came to me put it in such a way clickability would almost be certain.

The data analytics give is key to success in knowing what design is working for you or what content hit home with visitors. Making this data stand out for everyone is a major task for digital agencies. So how do we “Free Analytics from Your Digital Agencies Closet”?

Appoint an Analytic s Evangelist
Giving someone the job of noting and congratulating different departments when progress is seen. Probably this should be an enthusiastic team player who will celebrate both internal successes, in a department and those of the agency as a whole. This shows others just how important analytics is.

Identify Goals and Leverage Points
Clear cut and definitive goals are the basic premises in building an accurate progression chart. Your Analytic Evangelist should have a sit-down with all departments and set these goals which have the biggest impact, using metrics to identify what influences their decision making.

Open the Data
Having this data available to everyone and encouraging employees to look at it and try to make meaning of what the data is.

Use Data as a Storyteller
As we said above, this data mostly is in numerical format which can be a bit of a bore to understand. But putting this data in context creating a story of what the numbers mean will drive the point home much more.

Unlocking your closet and freeing analytics should be a plan for agencies in the path of success.

Social Authority: Our Measure of Twitter Influence

For twitter fans, social authority has got be the best thing to happen since the social boom 🙂 a metric system that computes influential activity of twitter users’. It highlights content that’s doing well, gives you an overview of your social graph and helps you find new followers who are of great value. There is no hidden secret to how this metric adds up, social authority is basically all about retweets. A retweet is somewhat of an acknowledgement from others that your content is valuable.

What about follower count as a measure of social authority? At least that is what most people use as a measure of influence but that is far from reality. The list of twitter users with the most followers and those with the highest social authority are not similar. One thing social authority thrives on is retweets, the value of your content being shared is how your influence is gauged. This is the major difference between social authority and other metric systems out there.

What you want to do is get more people to spread the content you put on twitter and social authority can help by finding influential users who can share your content to their affiliates. Basically, social authority is a great tool one can use to find important relationships and great beneficial content strategies.

Google Warns of Major Penguin Update For 2013

It’s no secret, Google has been working on trying to make user experience more enjoyable and safer for users who frequently use their products. With everything they have been doing to get to their goal Google has been looking into ways of cutting unreliability in content provided. With major changes in the way search engines rank sites, strategies too have got to change. Matt Cutts, Head of Web Spam for Google, warns of a major Penguin algorithm update that he believes will be one of the most talked about updates of the year.


Low quality links are no longer a friend to SEO as was previously, Cutts pointed out on this saying more and more sites were been penalised for such. This is bound to hit heavy on retailers who profit out of unreliable link-building strategies. Trying to reach their goal of giving quality content to their users, Google have really nipped this one in the bud and are sure to cut down on suspect content.


This Penguin update will surely be something many adamant Google users will be waiting eagerly to see. In addition to this, Cutts also talked about a new Panda update coming out in a weeks time.

International SEO Best Practices Checklist

Honestly, the talk about local SEO practises has over flown my inbox, with tips and more tips on how to best practise local SEO. Rarely will you find tips on how to best practise international SEO. Locally we have what it takes to have an online presence, but is that what i will use to set up an international presence too? Here are a few tips to help you set up shop on international ground.

1. Hosting
First off, you need to register a new domain with the target country for g Google to detect location using IP address.

2. Country-code top-level domain name (ccTLD)
When picking hosting look into getting proper country code for example: if you decide to locate your business in Kenya, use and so on

3. Content, Language and Culture
Your content also needs to be cutting edge, fresh and written by a native speaker from whichever country it is. Like a Brit trying to speak Indian, certain things will tell you where this person is from, you don’t want that for your site.

4. External linking
Getting links from the specific region should be earned, from niche related interests, blog and so on. Starting with companies you are already involved in can be a great place to start with.

5. Citations
Regional and country specific citations are things you need to have, something like on-line directories or the yellow pages.

6. Physical Location
This should appear on your site at least once, maybe in the “about us” page, in the side footer or both.

7. HTML language specification
Specify what language your site will be in using the lang attribute

8. Google webmaster tools
Make sure you set geo-targeting for ccTLD.

9. Google maps
List your business address and verify it on Google maps.

10. Google+ Local
Creating a profile on Google+ and filling it out to completion is of importance

11. Currency
If there are prices listed in your site make sure the currency symbol used is for the said country.

The more you pay attention to all of these tips the better your results are. The human eye/brain may have skipped a few but Google doesn’t.

Google updates its Android Search app, bringing a Google Now widget to your home and lock screens

Google has updated its search application for Android which sees it provide users with fresh data. Search on Google Now will see users get moving ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and real estate info from Zillow which updates you on listings from user’s databases. And that’s not it, for sports fanatics, the app includes a sports search which Google calls “support for US college sports”.

For Android users, this update should be of great benefit. Customizing the app to appear on your Home and lock screen is also something worth mentioning about. Google goes to great lengths to become the number one location for all mobile searches. Here is a the reason to ride on this fact; Google actually pay Apple $1 billion a year to be its search provider. A bold move that spells out just how much being the number one search provider on Android means.

If you are thinking of getting this app just go to Google Play.